Watering Trough Tax Abatement

UPDATE:  REPEALED in 2014, 46:1, I, eff. July 26, 2014.!  
Thanks Rep. Coffey!

Did you know that in New Hampshire you might be able to save $3 on your annual property taxes if you have a watering trough?

Section 76:18

76:18 For Watering Trough. – The selectmen of every town shall abate a sum not exceeding $3 from the tax of any inhabitant, who shall construct, and during the year keep in repair, a watering trough, well supplied with water, sufficiently elevated and easily accessible for horses attached to carriages, if said selectmen shall deem the same necessary for the convenience of travelers.


Obviously, this law from 1858 is long obsolete and should be repealed.  However, if it did not require approval from the selectmen, it would be a fun way to avoid paying $3 in taxes.